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The Executor Server joined the family in the spring of 2015 as a clan server, and almost two years ago it was sponsored by players, especially the BfS clan. The clan itself, but not only, often performed special events on the server, and often for valuable prizes for the winner.

Throughout 2015-2016, we helped the clan to fund slots on the basis of server popularity to satisfy more players. Over time, the clan’s gaming base fell away, and we decided at the turn of 2016/2017 that we would fully support the server, and funding has since been the same as for all our other servers.

At the beginning of summer of 2017, we made a major change on the server, resolving the loot persistence four times a day. The server is not suitable for building bridges, because after restart everything on the server will disappear. It brings in, but also the benefits when the loot distribution is set to baseline, so it is easier to find a dream loot.

The general rules of apply to the server, more information here:


Mode | 1st/3rd person

Player character | Standalone

Persistance | ON

Server time | 06:00 / 2x

Server date | 21. březen 2015

Restarts | Every 6h after last restart/crash

Mods and special settings:

Steam mod collection
Spawn on whole map
Characters with basic items
High loot
No stamina
Water and energy consuption reduced 3x
More helicrashes
Dead bodies despawn after 5 minutes


Using Name Filter:

  1. Select the Change server option in the menu
  2. Click on the “Community Servers” tab
  3. In the search field, type “
  4. Now you should see the servers witch contain your chosen search term. This can take some time.
  5. In search results, find server with name Executor

By using an IP filter:

  1. On the server search page, fill up the IP:Port fields
  2. Enter this addres and port: 2402