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About the server

Currently only for Czech and Slovak players !!!
As the name suggests, Donor serves as a form of thanks to everyone who contributes financially to running community servers. Its main purpose is to create a server that will be available at all times. Only players who are placed on the whitelist (guest list) have access to it. Anyone contributing a minimum amount of money has the option to apply for a whitelist.

Rating donations:

GUID 30 days 90 days
1x 100,- CZK or 3,7,- EUR 270,- CZK or 10,- EUR
2x 180,- CZK or 6,7,- EUR 486,- CZK or 18,- EUR
3x 250,- CZK or 9,3,- EUR 675,- CZK or 25,- EUR
4x 315,- CZK or 11,7,- EUR 849,- CZK or 31,5,- EUR
5x 370,- CZK or 13,7,- EUR 999,- CZK or 37,- EUR
6x 420,- CZK or 15,6,- EUR 1135,- CZK or 42,- EUR
7x 460,- CZK or 17,- EUR 1240,- CZK or 45,9,- EUR
8x 500,- CZK or 18,5,- EUR 1350,- CZK or 50,- EUR

Prices in EUR are approximate, the system works in CZK and all will be converted to credit according to the current exchange rate when 1CZK = 1K.

GUID = Based on the amount of your contribution, we’ll write down the number of places on your whitelist and then you will determine who you add to the list.

Donators are, after ordering access to the Donor server, enrolled in the whitelist for up to 15 minutes, but it can happen for more than an hour. With a one-off sending of a larger amount, you can divide the slots you have made into your friends and write them to the whitelist for a better price. You can also edit this list at any time at will. Changes to the whitelist are generated automatically. As has been said, the change usually takes about 15 minutes, but the system when communicating with the server does not always need to establish contact and repeats the request a few minutes later. In case of problems, feel free to contact admina via donor system (feedback) or FB.

The parameters of the server settings are decided by the donors themselves, based on voting in the Donor system and if the override occurs, then we change the server settings or the rules once a month.

The server is not accessible to players who have a permanent BAN on any of our community servers. In violation of rules (cheating, hacking, bugging, etc.), whitelist players are permanently removed without the option of requesting a refund of their financial gift.


Based on player voting, the following rules are currently valid:

  1.  PVP bans are prohibited (noPVP), with the exception of defense of their property. But! Before defending your property, you must call the thief in writing (we will check the log) and verbally to stop and leave the premises, at least 15 seconds before the violent action is taken. The point is that we want the disputes to be resolved in a non-violent form. In case you catch a thief in your personal camp, we do not require a warning, but because of the back-up, we will then ask for a picture or a video so we can judge that everything was done according to the rules. However, your personal camp should not be located in built-up areas where players are normally present due to loot.
  2. The banned person is not entitled to a refund.
  3.  Reported strikes will be punished by ban. Whoever strikes first is a culprit for us (meaning whoever first strikes). We will check the log for communication.

First time: BAN to ALL our servers for 7 days.
Second time: BAN to ALL our servers for 14 days + you will never have to donate to the donor.


  1. Log in or register on our site
  2. After logging in, click on the “Donor systém” tab in the menu
  3. In the system in the “SETUP” tab, link your steam profile with DAYZ !!! This steam will then be used by the system to write to the whitelist.
  4.  On the “CREDIT” tab, click on “Credit Recharging”, enter the required amount of credit, select the currency in which you will execute the transaction and send a payment via our payment gateway. You will be credited with the credit immediately after you make a payment, except for a bank transfer option from a bank that does not directly support the payment gateway (the payment gateway does not have your bank’s bank’s direct banking icon), usually when the credit is written on the second business day.
  5. On the “SERVICES” tab, click on “New Order”, where you choose for which period or how many GUID (number of users) you would like to order access to the Donor server.
  6.  Now ideally, the system takes up to about 15 minutes, automatically generating a new whitelist and writing it to the server. It may happen that an error occurs when communicating with the server, in which case the system will attempt to re-register a few minutes later. If the whitelist is not listed within the hour of the order, check the “WHY I AM NOT ON THE WHITELIST” tab, if everything is to be, or contact the admina via “FEEDBACK” or via FB.
  7. In the “OVERVIEW” tab you will find the current Donor password after you make a valid order.
  8. In case you have ordered multi-user access (multiple GUIDs), you can always change the user for which you want to share Donor access on the “SETUP” tab. Remember that each such user must also have a linked steam account to generate a whitelist.
  9. In general, you also have the option to influence the Donor server settings in the “VOTING” tab. However, your voice will affect your settings only when your order is active. If you need to expand the GUID for your order, you can do another at any time, but each order has its own expiration date. If you wish to merge the orders into one and have a price advantage at the same time, please contact the admin.



Available mode | 1st/3rd person

Hive | Private

Persistence | ON

Server time after restart and acceleration | 06:00 / 2x

Date on server after restart | March 21, 2015

Regular restarts | Every 6 hours after the last restart / fall

Password | See donor system

(Your game character is shared between all of our community servers)


Using Name Filter:

  1. Select the Change server option in the menu
  2. Click on the “Community Servers” tab
  3. In the search field, type “
  4. Now you should see the servers witch contain your chosen search term. This can take some time.
  5. In search results, find server with name “Donor”

By using an IP filter:

  1. On the server search page, fill up the IP:Port fields
  2. Enter this addres and port: 2502