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Anarchy, formerly known as Regular, was launched March 16, 2014, as the first ever server to be publicly presented and accessible to the Czech and Slovak fans of DayZ Standalone. Thanks to the amazing fan base, the server ranked second in the world ranking of the most visited servers on July 31,2014.

Despite its many visitors, the server during the first half of the year through a very difficult period, when each month considering its continued operation, due to the high financial costs.

November 13, 2014, the server was converted to private Hive. At the same time he was renamed to the now-known Anarchy. The name symbolizes the way players play on the server.

The general rules of apply to the server, more information here:


Available mode | 1st/3rd person

Hive | Private

Persistence | ON

Server time after restart and acceleration | 06:00 / 2x

Date on server after restart | March 21, 2015

Regular restarts | Every 6 hours after the last restart / fall


Using Name Filter:

  1. Select the Change server option in the menu
  2. Click on the “Community Servers” tab
  3. In the search field, type “
  4. Now you should see the servers witch contain your chosen search term. This can take some time.
  5. In search results, find server with name “Anarchy”

By using an IP filter:

  1. On the server search page, fill up the IP:Port fields
  2. Enter this addres and port: 2302