Shortly after the arrival of DayZ Standalone, one of the ways to support the Czech and Slovak community was to think about starting your own server. We wanted to give our members and fans the opportunity to participate in its operation while providing them with a server they would really be happy with and decide for themselves. So we’ve set up a donate system and started the first servers …


  • From November 2014 our servers are set on a private hive
  • We try to make the servers accessible mainly for Czech and Slovak players, but we welcome players from around the world
  • We choose reliable and stable hosting with regular maintenance
  • Set up servers according to community requirements
  • Easy communication with administrators, through the facebook group
  • An active approach to removing players, disrupting the game by unauthorized activities (hacking, glitching, etc.)
  • All donators will receive a bonus in form of acces to our special server (currently only for Czech and Slovak players)

Private Hive means that your game character is not shared with database used on “public” servers. We have set our community servers so you can use your character on our other servers.


Punishable actions

  • Cheating/Hacking/ESP (permanent)
  • Glitching (permanent) – abuse of game bugs, like a glitching through walls
  • Gear Copy (permanent) – intentional duplication of items
  • Ghosting (week) – misuse of tactical position – after server logging – by killing or hitting another player from position that could not be entered at given time normally (change of server is not required, and yes – you can talk and chat ingame – so do it) PROTIP: Just log out somewhere in wilderness and you’ll be cool.
  • CombatLog (2 days) – logout from combat within 5 minutes after hit (goes both  for victim and attacker)
  • Nacism, Communism, Islam (never go full Alahu akbar) and xenophobia (permanent)
  • Strong vulgar personal insults (audio/video needed) (month)
  • All general rules from public servers (permanent)
  • False accusation / misuse of report system  (month)
  • StreamHunt – killing or hitting a protected streamer by knowing his/her position from stream (also indirectly – f.e. friend watching stream and reporting streamer’s position via TS, skype, personaly, pigeon, etc).
  • List of protected streamers: batyalquawenEpicnamerllybubak_svkFananCz a MonetkaCz


  • The ban period depends on rule violation, previous experience with player and player style of communication. The minimum is one week (exceptionally shorter). Maximum is permanent. Player can ask admins to reconsider the rule violation and ban period can be shortened, removed  or even canceled.
  • Violation on one server leeds to ban on all our servers.
  • We recommend to cooperate with admin in order to find proper solution instead of rage, hate and blaming admin.
  • You can report rules violations or players, or discuss your ban/unban hereZPĚTNÁ VAZBA”. (just for czech and slovak players) For international players use the contact form, or contact an admin on our fb group, or TS3 server.
  • If you were banned and would like to explain the situation – please write down the Ban Number (can be seen when connecting our server).
  • Violating the same rule again will lead to double ban period from previous one.

Public accessible banlist can be found here.