VictorKane | The animation team has recently finished some major tasks related to the new zombie implementation. Our next focus is improving these and adding some advanced behavior. We will look into improving hit reactions by adding directional hits. One of upcoming updates will also include crawling infected.

Besides that we are working on the new player character, which is a huge task divided into many small parts. Currently, we have basic movement for unarmed, rifle, two handed and pistols working. That means we can walk and run around when holding this items. Unfortunately there is big load of work left. We are still missing attack animations, aiming, reloading, special moves, item usage and many other specific actions. On the other hand, we have already managed to bring some improvements in.

The most notable one is synchronized animations when running and walking. That means when you switch from one move to another there is no glitch. New animation continues where previous left. Another important addition is using gestures while moving. Yes, finally you can wave and run around. On the same note is switching weapons. Player is able to take or hide gun while moving and any time you stop running the character will stop, but arming/disarming will continue. And last but not least, we have now falling and landing animations. It is a placeholder in current state, but the idea is to have different landing animations depending on the height of the fall.

I thought we could discuss this a bit in case there are any questions.

Discussion on official forum

Question | Will there be different animations for fences with different heights? F.ex. the char steps/jumps over small fences and for high fences it use the hands to get over it?

Another question, we press f.ex. “F3” while we are walking slow (or maybe running) will the animation be smooth till the char sit or will the char stop and then sit down? Same with fishing, will the animation be smooth when we are fishing, then we hear a shot right behind us and we want to start sprinting? Or will the char stand up first and then start sprinting?

VictorKane | We need to make some test and prototypes with those fences and then we will decide which direction we want ot go. The idea so far is to have adjustable jump over obstacle.

Standing up/sitting from move will probably always have to go through stand state otherwise it would mean huge amount of transition animations. But since we have better blending in our hands now, it shoud be smoother than what we have now.

Question | Any plans on transitional animations when walking/running up hills so it isn’t so abrupt? Do you plan to have different fall animations based on weight in the future or only height?

VictorKane | Firstly – yes. In case of secconf question….Not sure at the moment, this could be done with few different approaches if one of them works well then why not.

Question | Does this mean we will be able to fall from greater heights without dying/breaking our legs?  In the demo video it seemed to already be the case, as I’m nearly certain falling off those stairs in the current game would break your legs at the very least.

Is there any concern about things becoming too fluid?  Some of the clunkiness of DayZ is what adds to the intensity. Obviously glitchiness is no substitute for good game design but I assume it’s something the team keeps in mind when making these sorts of changes.

Finally, if the third person camera changes are going to be off centered to be over the shoulder, and I think there are talks of left/right shoulder switching will aiming/gun animations also be added for this?  Swapping your rifle from left to right shoulder with the camera?  Possibly melee as well, so that you can swing left to right or right to left?

VictorKane | Basically yes to your first question. About the things becoming to fluid – I believe fluid movement and in general fluid realistic animations add to intensity more then clunkiness or glitchiness… These need to be replaced with challenging gameplay. I really like for instance when I see people playing and they drink from pond.. Just a small simple animation but it adds so much to immersion in my opinion.

3rd person camera is a difficult topic. Yes in case we want to switch camera from left to right we would have to come up with quite sofisticated system for switching stances. It’s possible, it’s huge amount of work, but It’s too soon to confirm or deny right now.

Question | Will jumping and climbing be available to characters?  Not parkour, but enough to get over small fences, walls, and on top of small roofs.

VictorKane | Not sure at this point. Some prototyping is needed first.

Question | Are there plans for turning speed being effected by momentum? Is leaning while sprinting and turning seen in your recent video just a visual thing or does it slow you down?

VictorKane | Yes yes, the plan is when you sprint and turn you get slower, I would love to bring more momentum into characters movement. We are doing some experiments with this right now.

Question | I was wondering if there is a chance that you can have animation for handcuffed players to sit in the truck, such as the back and the front? Only the driver seat would be restricted. I’d like to drive my hostages.

VictorKane | There is always a chance…But it would be cool to have this kind of feature.