Hi friends,

since the new inventory got out much earlier than I would like (but it was nescessary to test the tech behind it) I feel obligated to show you where are we heading at least.  Please be warned, that no graphic designer touched it yet and as always it’s still work in progress and might turn out significantly different in the end.

I hope this mock up will give you the idea what we are aiming for and starts the fruitful discussion.


NOTE:  yes, the fact that you cannot move with inventory screen open is a bug:)



Question | What happened to this idea:


iantomasik | Since it was so poorly recieved, we felt that new inventory could not differ too much from the current one. I still think this one do many things in much more clever way, but I haven’t found satisfying solution for vicinity window. It might end up in some form in console version where horizontal layout is much more common, but it’s way to early to tell.

Question | 1) I don’t like that there are “empty” spots that display things that you don’t have. I don’t want to see that my face could have a mask on it. I’m not seven. I understand where masks go. I understand that if I don’t have gloves on, I am able to put gloves on. Don’t tell me all the body parts I don’t have accessories for like you work at Forever 21.

2) Good Lord above, please tell me we have the option to arrange the order of our clothing inventories depending on which we will use. Let me put my pants show above my shirt, above my vest, above my backpack. I never keep valuable stuff in my shirt or vest, so let me have my pants and backpack inventories show above them for my easy access. Don’t have the system like it is now where whatever I pick up fills the next spot down and I can’t change the order.

3) If you are telling me that moving while the inventory open is a bug, then reloading in a firefight is going to officially be even worse than it already is. And it already is far more clumsy than it should be. Having to stand still, open up your inventory, find the ammo, drag it onto your gun, then select the “Load” option isn’t realistic. It’s cumbersome and clumsy. All it will do is make people who have magazines even more powerful, and making weapons that load manually even less potent.

4) I hope that the vicinity items open automatically and I don’t have to manually click on the “+” to see what is in a corpse or on a shelf.

5) This is literally the worst idea to show weapons attachments that I have ever seen. The weapon icon is on the right…but the icons for attachments are on the left? Why aren’t bullets in their own space when it’s without a doubt the most often manipulated attachment for a weapon? Why are there greyed out icons for a weapons that suggest a weapon can only have a certain amount of attachments on it regardless of what the weapons can or cannot hold?

The system you have in place now looks better. I see all these concepts for UI’s that fans make themselves that seem far better than what you have shown me here so far, and this may be the time to take one of those ideas and just straight up adopt it and then add your own improvements to it instead of working on something that’s your own and is inferior.

iantomasik | 1) Dummy slots are there to keep every attachment ordered and at fixed position. so you can develop muscle memory where to reach with mouse to acces specific gear.

2) Yes, the goal is to to allow you sort containers to your taste. Current state is first step towards this goal.

3) I am telling you the opposite:)

4) It will be open by default. Moreover inventory will remember what panels and containers you have minimized. So i.e. if you want to gain more vertical space for your containers, you can minimize inventory panel:


5) I agree, the attachments shouldn’t be displayed this way. The idea was to make no longer difference between attachments and cargo so you can always tell how much space is item taking and more easily plan where you gonna drag and drop it. Loading the gun would be done just by drag n’ dropping bullets anywhere on the hand panel, so it wouldn’t matter that much, where it ends up placed. But you are not first who demanded the hand item to look more dominant and have attachments in fixed order, so this will most likely change.

Just between us.. It’s polite and wiser to ask questions first, before you start judging someones competence. You are flexing muscles here over something that is just your asumptions. It makes you look pretty rude and it turns discussion into fight unnecessarily 🙂

Question | Evaluation of experimental version 0.58: For me, the icons are to small. i have to play on my 17″ laptop toaster and can´t see which item iy laying on the floor. I am also missing the status bar

iantomasik | We thought I would look rad to have status labels displayed near the body parts they refere to. But this might not work well with zooming and rotating the character, so it’s yet to be tested.

The size of icons in exp58 is not intended. Goal is to have the icons bigger. In ideal scenario the size of icon will be scalable from settings options.

Question | Looks great! Is the vest somehow under the raincoat? Or is just a concept to show where a vest would be in the character’s inventory panel?

It also looks like you zoomed in or cropped the picture or the character’s model scale size increased in the inventory menu. I’d like to see the character models seen in the inventory screen a little bigger similar to what we are seeing here. I also like the character model bleeding into the left pane’s foreground and the right pane’s background. It makes the character model stand out more. This would be ideal for 1pp players who won’t see their character model that often. The item icons under the collapse and expand buttons are a nice touch too.

iantomasik | It’s just oversight, the vest should be displayed on characters. As Peter said on trello you’ll be able to rotate and scale character freely.

Question | 1) Are there plans to have the panes moveable? And the containers moveable within the pane? I would drag the character pane over to the left more by vicinity (doubling them up) if I could.

2) How about zooming in/out character? The character could go down with zoom out, allowing you to see better.

3) How about real time character stances?

4) How about items dropping down (like gravity) within each container? If this worked I could keep the containers dropdowns up more. 🙂 And spend much less time exact placing.
5) The slots should mimic the container. Carriers vest should have 2×1 vertical separated. Jeans should have 1×1 separated (no chance of putting a hacksaw in jeans).

iantomasik | 1) Panels won’t be moveable, but you will be able to minimize them and possibly even order containers in container panel.

2) Yes

3) Would not work with prone, so probably not. But you’ll see item in hand.

4) Interesting idea, but not very likely to happen:)

5) That’s something we really wanted. But to be honest inventory space is already quite limited and this would add another obstruction forcing you to spent needless time in inventory screen juggling items between hands, ground and body. It still might be incorporated for vests and other specific items though.

Source: dayz official forum