Peter Nespesny | As we are aiming to make hermit playstyle as independent from ready-made loot as possible, we deepened functionalities regarding the fire. Now you can ignite the fireplace with hand drill, roast food on wooden sticks and light up your surroundings with wooden torch.


We would like to add herbs, more crafted weapons, improvised shelters and constructions. What items or functions regarding hermit playstyle would you like to see in the future?

DayZ is well known for the offering of the alternatives, may it be items or approaches to problems. I perceive hermit playstyle to be as much independent as possible to cover most of the basic needs one can have, but there still should be differentiation between achievable weak crafted items and proper ready made ones. I still want to see hermit going in high risk areas for high rewards like antibiotics, proper tools, weapons, ammunition and others. Sitting duck doesn’t encounter many interactions with other survivors.

Need for a hoe/shovel alternative for hermit to be able to produce crops is understandable. However I’m not sure about adding the crafted stone hatchet as you can use stone knife to gather wooden sticks to use them for a fireplace. Jan is a supporter of crafted stone hatchet, but I’m not sure of its sturdiness in real life and I’m afraid of devaluation of ready made items – in this case axes which are most powerfull melee weapons around. For your information, throwing spear with bone blade is waiting mainly for the proper ballistics of it.

Medicaments and medical procedures are core part of the survival. Different natural cures made from herbs, charcoal and shrooms and procedures like ceaseing the bleeding with fiery knife are in place. Boiling of liquid is currently work in progress and we are good to go even with such things as crafting of saline solution to use with IV as there is plenty of salty water around in Chernarus mainly from tears of the survivors.


For improvised storage, there will be a crafted hidden stash which you can dig up and store your items in it. We have already crafted rope in work, now it’s done from textile rags, but as we have also plant material you will be able to use it for crafted rope too. Crafted tripwire is nearly finished and will be ready soon for testing, you can attach empty cans from sodas to make a perimeter alarm or a grenades to stun or endanger the intruder.

For the next iteration of torches we would like to make them stuckable into the ground to make light poles from them which will be very useful to lit larger areas during the night time.


Leather water pouch can be already crafted in game and crafted fertilizer is waiting for the last functionality touches for barrel. Also bone hook for sewing leather clothes should be working now.