Sences make big part of Dayz and hearing isn´t exception. It can often give you more information about situation around you, than you expect. Many things make some sound whether it’s eating, drinking, bandaging, moving, shooting etc. If you are not careful enough, you can easily reveal yourself to anyone near you (players, infected, …). Best choise is to keep noise at minimum at looting areas and make no unnecessary actions. Good move for better registring sounds is to keep calm for a while and reduce your tiredness for calming your breath, so you can hear cleaner. Many players dont even stop while exploring cities and randomly run around. The character gets tired after a while, her loud and frequent breaths can drown out the sounds of the neighborhood, that wouldn´t be good to miss. Trick is, to hear others before they can hear you, then avoid making any rash movements and keep a cool head. Move on different surfaces issued for each different characteristic sounds. Remember where you just have to walk, do not emit the loudest noises when you are not alone.


Let´s say that you heard another player at the same moment as he heard you. In this case try to cause absolutly no noise, as long as possible. Let the unknown survivor think he is safe and start moving when you hear his footsteps. With this you can achieve proper sound curtain. Sound curtain is meant any noise issued by others, which can be used for your move (drinking, reloading, shooting, movement etc.). Noise figured during movements can be reduced by selecting the appropriate movement, among the quietest include “rolling” (tumbling), and crawling. When indoors you are often limited by the size of the room. Try to move in short intervals, it makes your movements less visible and recognizable. It is true that more faster you walk, more noise you make. Therefore, try not running confusedly around the building to every corner if you don´t have to. It can lower your chances to get detected.


When we talk about the environment, we mean a complete environment and everything connected with it (nature, city, players, zombies and loot). Everything is here for a purpose and it is up to each of us how to deal with it. To take control over environment you have to choose your moves wisely and conscientiously. We’re talking of course about planning, which will require a good orientation on the map. Before looting you should explore the whole area, making sure about the presence or absence of a zombies or players. It is also good to check potential locations where campers could be hiding. If you do not need to necessarily get as much equipment as you can. but you are interested only in selected things, I recommend to orient on map, mark points of interest and plan your route as safe as you can. You can compose your map within the game, but if you are interested in more information and do not constantly check something on the map, I recommend one of the mobile applications. Planning directly to the detail is not always necessary, but players without a plan can been seen running around town aimlessly and their looting time is significantly longer not to mention that these survivals are much easier to see.


The ability to catch a glimpse of other survivors and orientation depends even on the choice of server. Currently there are two variants of servers: 1st person (old Hardcore) and 3rd/1st person (old Regular). But these servers are only different in possibilities of perspective. In case of 1st person servers you can be only in 1st person mod (obviously) but on 3rd/1st servers you can switch between these perspective as you want. The biggest advantage is in the third person, which guarantees a widespread view around the whole character, which helps, for example with looking behind a corner of a building or in viewing places wich you couldn´t see in 1st person. The player can see what is happening around without having to expose your character to danger while you are in cover. During playing in first-person, you are disposed of this possibility, visibility is only relative to your eyes. So when you look around, you must always reveal your character, just like everyone else. Due to the more realistic perspective 1st person players becomes more dependent on recognition of sounds around. Due to absence of broad vision of 3rd person you have to count on your hearing to get information about your vicinity.



Weather can enshroud you tracks. When it rains, visibility is reduced and raindrops alone make small problems with view aroud. Thunder and rain can be described as sort of sound curtain.When it rains we can be in our stealthy moving more saucier. But another survivors have this advantage too. Think also on, that if you stay on rain too long, you will get soaked (if you don´t wear waterproof clothing).


In an environment of Chernarus move both players and zombies. The undead are fairly easy to handle, you can bypass or kill them and other interaction is not required. But the characters are controlled by players, real people. Meeting and dealing with them is difficult and murder is not exactly the best solution. If you see another player, try to not reveal yourself to him. In case of threath or selfdefence the use of weapons right choise. If you encounter a friendly player who will communicate with you, you should not make with him unnecessary conversations, because as you speak other charaters in range can hear you and get your position. Additionally, you do not know if the person is alone or he have a friend waiting for right moment to get you. Do not waste your time and get out as fast as you can. When you hear other players speaking, take advantage of it, move away unnoticed from the area and leave them to their own fate. So you will be safe while they slowly invite the whole neighborhood on themselves


Whenever you search a particular area, there is a chance to meeting with survivors.The best possible solution is to avoid contact completly and leave others thinking they are alone. Shooting without a reason will not solve anything, you do not know if the player is alone, or if it is monitored by someone else. In each case firing will only draw attention to you. If not inevitable, avoid the use of firearms.