The aim of this guide is a detailed description of all stealth gameplay elements, which we can encounter in the game. The procedures, in this guide, are designed primarily for “solo” players, i.e. for so-called. “lone wolfes”. Some examples, however, can still inspire groups.


The basic element of stealth is camouflage. It is the ability that the most reliable blend in with the surrounding environment. In connection with camouflage are most often encounter military garments, which are used to increase the effectiveness of a variety of themes, colors and shapes, patterns, according to the environment for which they are intended. If we look at the color palette of nature Chernarus, we observe the diverse variety of colors, but nevertheless a majority made up of shades of green, brown and beige. When selecting the characters in the main game menu, you can choose the color of your clothing (shirt and pants). The best functional combinations of colors seems to be beige shirt and brown pants. Suitable are other dark shades such shades of gray and black.

Exposed parts of characters (head, hands, feet) disrupt your quality of camouflage, so try to conceal them with appropriate clothing. Still try to follow the color scheme, suitable for masking. If you want to stay unnoticed, avoid wearing multicolored clothing accessories and clothing.

In nature it is important not only colors, but also shapes and contours. Let us bear in mind the spatial masking. For example, it is not advisable to wear a cowboy hat and Quilted Jacket. Outline of the figure is increased and with it the chances of your discovery. The same rules apply for backpacks. In terms of camouflage it is better to have none, but it will greatly reduce the capacity of the items that you can have with yourself. A good choice appear to be handmade backpacks (eg .: the skin, sacking, etc.). They are relatively low-profile and much better merge their shapes with surrounding vegetation.

Another possibility is that before entering the dangerous area put away your backpack and then return to it. Definitely avoid various civil backpacks and their color variants. Thanks to its gaudy shades it can be seen from afar and are often the reason for disclosure.

With the advent of persistence, functional store things and creating encampments solve lack of space problem.

Most specialized masking for terrain movement which you can get is without doubt a Ghillie suit.

It is a camouflage suit, using spatial masking, for the purpose of merger character with the surrounding nature. For unnoticed shifts the landscape in terms of stealth is not a better disguise. Detailed view of its production and specifics can be found HERE.


What also significantly affect your efforts to remain hidden is movement. The quality of your movement, or rather your ability to move on the ground and use it in your favor is in many cases crucial, even more important than the actual camouflage.

First, if you are trying to explore surroundings from safe position, it is advisable to use the vision that offers alt key especially when you’re lying. After holding the alt key, you move only with your head instead whole body. Which is much better especially if you stay at same place for a time.

In the game there are three basic stances of the characters, they are crawling, crouching and standing. Each stance has its advantages, disadvantages and possibilities. Generally, while standing character is the most mobile, noisy and visible while lying down the opposite is true. Crouch is a sort of middle ground between the motion of standing up and crawling, not so noisy, mobility is sufficient stature and visibility is more difficult. Decision of the stance depends directly on the player and his assessment of the situation. I would just like to say that probably the best alternative for the movement of the city are short runs behind the barriers, which often pays to check around. While in the woods you are at least visible crouched on his knees. In all types of environment, it is prudent to minimize exposure time which your character is in danger, which means avoid places where you are most vulnerable players, and you can be easily seen. In this category we can include roads, roofs of buildings, open space without shelter etc. If you are moving along the horizon, there is big probability that someone will see you. In the event that you are moving along the horizon, shows United likelihood of your sight. The human eye, as we have said, lightly notices silhouettes of your character, especially when you have nothing behind him but the sky, which makes the outline of the character easy to identify. So try to always have something behind you for best effect. similar colors to your clothing. Feel free to use the shadows in your favor (but do not rely directly on them, many players have different reasons to have shadows off).

Eventually, the area in which you want to delay a longer period of time, it is good to be thoroughly explored. Carry with binoculars or a different lens fixed with the weapon, saves you a lot of work. See the player before he notices you or make sure that the area is really safe is a critical factor for survival. Do not keep the surprise from a backup, check the environmental brief glances around, even when you are moving.


Noting various details and changes in Chernarus is quite difficult, but helpful. Until recently, for example, we could rely upon monitoring open and closed doors in the cities, which after the release of update 0.49 it is not possible. It´s because after this update doors are randomly opened and closed.  When I mentioned the details and changes, I mean little things that certainly were caused by the presence of players in the field. Above all, it is a movement of loot, zombies and visual signals.

Decryption of these changes is not always easy, often depends on the experience of the player and his intuition. After several hours played and searched towns, you should have at least a basic idea of spawn loot. Its unusual location should make you the highlight of his handling of other players who move around with this equipment came into contact. Loot can be downright deliberately positioned as a trap or with the players handled during the search field and left inadvertently to non-specific location (where necessary missing spawn this subject etc.). Glaring is the finding of several pieces of equipment destroyed in the immediate vicinity, which gives us a clear signal that there is a dangerous place.

Just as we have a rough idea of discovering the loot, we should also realize where and in what numbers approximately, zombies appear.  If you arrive in the city where the zombies are normally hidden in the streets, and can not be found, it can be concluded that they were probably lured away or killed by someone else. Pay attention to unusual occurrences of our undead friends.  We know that zombies are like trying to catch deer, but if you encounter a zombie in the woods, far from any animal spawn is in place to increase attention. Zombie’ve probably had someone following here.

Visual signals is meant any player interaction with the environment, which make themselves blindingly others to know. We place here mainly kindle fire and other light signals (flares, chemlight, flashlights). That you do not want to discourage the use of the previously mentioned methods, you would only have had to use them judiciously. Avoid fires especially in busy areas. If you notice any of the visual signals it is not always sensible to get close to them.  just to make sure there is no danger to you and avoid them.  Frequently, these lights only work as a trap for unsuspecting survivors. And remember, these signals indicate an almost certain presence of players.

Of course, if you want to successfully stay hidden, it is important for you to be careful about  these aspects. Try to avoid details mentioned above and do not notify your presence to others. This will in most cases provide the necessary advantage and survival.