Mostly you won’t find a military weapons in small villages or towns. But you will find here various kinds of civil guns, rifles, shotguns etc. For that guns you also need an ammo of appropriate caliber, which you will put into the magazine, or if you do not have the magazine, you can put them right into the chamber.

Also you can easily find some melee weapons such as axe, baseball bat, pitchfork, pickaxe etc. You can easily kill zombies with these weapons, but remember, melee fight with infected is extremely dangerous, and they can hit you a few times without even noticing.

You will have to go to military bases or find some helicopter crash to find the millitary versions of guns such as automatic weapons etc. It is good to plan the trip to the military bases carefully, because a lot of people will go the same way as you and encountering these people mostly means death in the worse scenario.



If you have the basic equipment, you should definitely search for some vehicle. It can save you a lot of precious time. It can transport you easily through the whole map, and trips to various destinations of Chrnarus will not be a problem anymore. But watch out. Vehicles are very loud. By starting your vehicle you reveal your location to your surroundings. You can easily lost your beloved vehicle even by your bad driving, tilting or you can cause too much damage to your car. For now vehicles are fully functional upon spawning and in order to use them, you just need a fuel.

Camps and tents

If you came to the decision, that taking care of your character is not a problem anymore, you can start building some “camps”. You can find tents in the game (colorfull civil or green military variant). They are specific objects, that survive the server restart and they can be deleted only by the restart of the persistence. They can store a lot of items and they are suitable for a bandit shelter or shelter for bad conditions. But you have to realize, that tents are well visible from a distance and it would not be bad to find a good spot for their placement. Try to set up a camp, where you think nobody will finds it. There are lot of areas for hiding a camp in Chernarus.


I am friendly!

In a wastelands of Chernarus you can encounter these kinds of survivors


merciless killer, who is trying to find equipment or food by killing other players. They are either killing on sight or they can fake friendship in order to not to scare you so he can rob you later. Bandits can work in groups though, so while one of them is trying to become friend with you, the others can attack you from behind. Some of them kill just for fun, even they know you do not have anything valuable. You can even meet players, that will leave you in handcuffs to draw blood from you to make transfusions, or they can torture you etc.

(Note: If you log out of a server while you are captured (tied with hanndcuffs or rope) or unconscious , you will die automatically. If you are unconscious and you want to respawn immediatelly, you can do that by opening the menu and clicking on the “respawn” button.)


In DayZ you can also meet players, that are well geared, but they do not misuse that for killing the others. They can provide you food, drink but also ammunition or even guns. They are making this game interesting, but they are unfortunately punished for their kindness.

Couple of tips for the end:

What to DO
  • Find out where you are – knowledge of your location will make the game easier, especially if you want to meet someone.
  • Move out of the shore – because there are a lots of players spawning in here, there is a danger, there will be no loot anywhere nearby, therefore bigger chance to die
  • Avoid open areas. Even the forests next to the road means bigger chance to survive then walking on the open road.
  • In the beggining look for the basic items for the survival and some melee weapons for your self-defense
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, noises and even movement of the infected. If they run from their position, it means, that they are after some target. Even you, or some other player.
  • Plan ahead and always expect the worst scenario. Nothing can surprise you then.
  • Use your common sense and basic knowledge – rotten fruit is not very good for eating, you can orientate by stars/signs/power line, if you combine sack and rope, you get bag for items, item thrown into fire will get damaged etc.
  • Play together with your friends or visit our facebook group, where you can find players too. Believe me, there is nothing better, than cruise the Chernarus with your friends. It completely changes the gaming experience.
  • Try the comfort of community servers of dayz.sa.net
What NOT to do
  • Do not fire your guns unnecessarily. There are not a lot of ammo out there and guns are loud. The sound of your rifle will spread widely and it will attract infected and palyers
  • Do not kill players on sight. You never know who you can meet. What if he wants to help you or just ask for the directions? Also groups are common in DayZ. Wait and you could see other players as well.
  • Do not let the infected follow you until you are not seriously injured or you can not fight them. Following by infected is like a beacon that reveals your position to everyone who is following you.
  • Being really noisy or careless and reveal yourself to your surroundings is not going to end well most of the times.
  • Do not hoard items. If somebody kills you, you will offer him a lots of items for free