Serious Illness | Hypothermia

Let’s focus on hypothermia, the side effect of extreme coldness. This may cause prolonged soaking or too few layers of clothing…well just every time when your heat comfort value drops under -10 so the body temperature of character started to decrease. In real life people and animals uses storages of energy for keeping them warm and to stay alive. It is just the same when it comes to DayZ. If your value of heat comfort drops under the specific limit your body will use energy for keeping you warm. We could describe the process of hypothermia and its opposite hyperthermia by 3 phases.

COLD: Body temperature drops below 35,8°C. Thus your body starts to compensate the heat loss by burning energy and your character will lost 0,55 units per second. The game will signalize this state by red message in chat ‘I am cold’ and ‘I am shaking’ and in addition it will show you the yellow status ‘COLD’ in your inventory.

FREEZING: By continuously falling temperature we will get under the line of 35°C so we would get into second phase when the energy loss is 0,8 units per second. In chat it displays red messages ‘I am freezing’ and it displays orange status ‘FREEZING’ in your inventory.

HYPOTHERMIA: If your body temperature drops below line of 34,5°C then we are talking about so called Hypothermia, final stasis of illness. Till this moment we lost only energy value but hypothermia is different. Besides of losing 1,05 units of energy per second we lose also other, more important, storages. So, when hypothermic you are losing 10 units of blood and 5 units of health PER SECOND, now that’s deadly… Unless returning to the right body temperature. We can observe red warning ‘I am hypothermic’ and ‘hypothermic’ status in your inventory.

Hypothermia can be rid of by the change of different factors which affects heat comfort. It is caused by soaked clothes, wet and cold weather or too few layers of clothing. It’s necessary to be correctly clothed and be dry for keeping the temperature at optimum level. For quick increase of heat comfort and in connection with it the temperature can be achieved by sitting next to fire. Fire can help us to dry our clothes and warm the character. For warming the character is also good an item called ‘HEATPACK’. Put it in your inventory and activate it. It will transmit heat for some time (red background of item)…Heat pack is ‘one use only’ item.