Hyperthermia is a heat side effect created by natural overheating of the organism and its regulation is as important as keeping your character healthy. Perfect temperature to maintain is around 36 degress of Celsius. If your temperature is over 38 degrees, we are talking about incoming hyperthermia. Rising of your body temperature is caused by heat comfort value of your character, which is result of its gradual rising. It is happening at heat comfort value of 18 and more. Rising of your body temperature can be divided into three phases.

Hot: Your body temperature is getting over 37,1 degrees of Celsius. Water consumption is by 0,1 unit per second higher due to light overheating. We are not seeing any messages in chat, but there is a yellow-green status “hot” in our inventory.

Overheating: We are getting at the limit of 38 degrees with gradual rising of our temperature. Here is where a first phase is becoming a second phase. Water consumption is rising on 1 unit of water per second and we can see red messages in chat saying “I am overheating”. There is a red-brown status “Overheating” in the inventory.

Hyperthermia: By ignoration of our body temperature and not lowering the heat comfort we are getting to the last phase – hyperthermia. This is occurring at 40 degrees of celsius and higher. Currently we are losing 2 units of water per second. Warning messages in chat are red and they are saying “I am hyperthermic”. We can see red status “Hyperthermia” in our inventory.

As we can see from the symptoms, hyperthermia is not much dangerous illness and it can not be compared to poisoning by means of dangerousness. Due to its gradual rising we can prevent hyperthermia easily. We can do that by lowering our heat comfort, so we have to change some of the factors of heat comfort drastically. The easiest option is lowering the heat comfort of your character by wetting our clothes, or put it away completely for a while. After some time temperature will drop and the danger of the hyperthermia is gone.