Influencing factors

Body temperature is affected by many factors and its regulation is very important. Optimal temperature which is good to maintain in DayZ is about 36°C. Decrease of temperature under the 35°C brings you to HYPOthermia and If it exceeds 38°C we are speaking of HYPERthermia. As I said, body temperature is affected by many factors. Let’s have a look at the important ones.

Influencing factors | Altitude

At first let’s have a look at altitude. It’s definitely not a critical factor but we need to take a note. When look at the Chernarus map we can see the altitude is increasing towards North-west so there should be colder surrounding. For imagination look HERE where you can find complete 3D map of Chernarus.

Influencing factors | Weather

Much more noticeable effects on your character has weather. If sun is shining, wind blows or there are black clouds heralding a storm. We need to take caution mainly from the rain. And it doesn’t have to be just the rain itself but even fact that rain is coming. Sunny sky will be covered by black rainy clouds and naturally it decrease the temperature of surroundings. As soon as it starts to rain your clothes will become dump or soaked. Of course there is a possibility to hide from rain under the tree or in everywhere available building. So If all goes wrong and you couldn’t hide from rain and you are soaked, don’t panic. You can get rid of the status ‘soaked’ by sitting next to fire which will dry out your clothes and warm you. To keep your character dry is possible by wearing clothes from ‘Gorka’ edition (military location) or wearing a raincoat (civilian location). Nor both variant will keep you dry when you are going to swim in a pond, that’s for sure. Different kind of clothes has different values of absorbency. Every piece of clothing you wear increase a value of absorbency. Status ‘soaked’ means that you are COMPLETELY soaked from head to toe. All clothing has defined drying value per second (not by %) so the jump to the pond with all of your equipment means 1 hour of drying If not more. On the contrary when you are going to bath without any of your equipment it means only 4 minutes of drying…that’s better right?

Influencing factors | Movement

When moving, your character generate heat, and heat warms you. Assuming sunny weather we need to count on that especially with long distance travel. But the change of body temperature is not that high.

Influencing factors | Clothes and heat comfort

Every clothes you wear significantly contributes to change of body temperature. The value of this contribution can be expressed as HEAT COMFORT. Heat comfort is just a number assigned to every piece of clothes you wear. For example, you wear boots with heat comfort 2, coat with value of 12 and hat with value of 4. Your total value of heat comfort is 18 (If you wear damaged or soaked clothes this value would be different for these factors affect heat comfort). This total value is then counted with other factors (Altitude, temperature, movement, soaked clothes, quality of clothes) and send to engine which collect information about everything which may affect your character. Then calculate it and send the ‘real’ value of heat comfort back. Current temperature will increase or decrease according to the real value of heat comfort which shows how fast this change will be. It means for quicker decrease of temperature it’s enough to take off your coat for a minute (practically you decrease the real value of heat comfort). Ideal values of heat comfort are -10 and 18. If you are below or above it means you either decrease or increase body temperature. After crossing a limit when these changes are faster you will be warned by warning messages in chat:


How did we manage to come to negative values? Simple, when your clothes are soaked its values of heat comfort are in negative numbers. The lowest value of heat comfort is present with ‘soaked’ status and it decrease gradually with statuses ‘wet’ and ‘damp’. For dramatic increase of heat comfort is enough to ignite a fire and stand next to it for some time.

Body temperature

Thus, as seen above the body temperature and its regulation is depend on actual ‘real heat comfort’. According to its values the body temperature may increase, decrease or stagnate. It means body temperature can’t be regulated directly. We are warned in chat via text message about its change. According to body temperature we can meet with extreme coldness or overheating – hypo/hyperthermia.