In DayZ, eating human flesh affect your character. You can meet with neurological illness called KURU (or else prion disease). Side effects that characterize this illness are, besides uncontrolled laugher or tears also physical action such as twitching.

Serious illness | Kuru

As you know this disease is a side effect of eating human flesh. That can be eaten either raw or cooked. With cooking you decrease a chance to get sick however this chance can’t be eliminated with 100% certainty. And don’t forget after consuming a wrong (or not at all) cooked meat there is certain chance to get food poisoning (light or medium). Your chance to get sick by consuming human flesh depending on the quality:

  • Raw human flesh: 75% chance to get KURU, 75% chance to get medium food poisoning
  • Cooked human flesh: 50% chance to get KURU, no food poisoning
  • Burned human flesh: 25% chance to get KURU, 20% chance to get light food poisoning

The Kuru illness is characterized by tremors and twitches. Those will appear right after consumption and infection. Character tremor is well distinguishable and you won’t be mistaken with fracture or hypothermia. This ‘tremor’ looks more like uncontrolled convulsive muscle contraction. Character just suddenly moves gently by hand which in a future can cause bigger problems. Over time this could be worse. In a matter of minutes the contractions are considerably visible and makes the interaction far more difficult. In addition their frequency increases from minutes to seconds. These contractions are visible also for another players so this could be as a warning for them.
Another evidence of KURU are uncontrolled hysteric laugher or tears. They repeat every 3 to 6 minutes in not predetermined intervals and they are not as much unpleasant as, once mentioned, twitches but there is not more easier way how to tell other players ‘Hey, I am an cannibal’.


Currently there is not any cure, any defense against KURU. Once you get sick, there is no way how to cure you.