Multipurpose barrel (MPB) is tool, which can be used as container, similarly as tent however it is more than just storage and has other purposes to offer. MPB could be found in four color variations – Blue, Green, Red with white stripe and Yellow:

  • Blue Oil Barrel
  • Green Oil Barrel
  • Red Oil Barrel
  • Yellow Oil Barrel

Barrel can be moved only when closed and empty. Items can be placed inside only when left on the ground and opened using command „Open Lid“. For any interactions within, the barrel needs to be closed by „Close Lid“ command.



Barrel can be used like a tent (civilian and military), as a storage for your weapons, clothes, supplies, ammunition, etc. Currently, the storage space equals to the size of the 6 × 9 rectangle, i.e. we have 54 usable slots. Same as tent, it can be only carried in hands (or transported in vehicles).

We could say that it is currently the best way to retain your belongings in Chernarus wilderness. MPB is relatively small, can therefore be well hidden in the woods, among rocks or bushes. Unlike civilian tent, which has only few more slots, but is very noticeable, therefore the perfect choice for the survivors.

It should be noted that barrel resists persistence as well as a tent!


Just as the title says, MPB gives us option to dye clothes. At the moment, however, only T-shirts (just the basic like that characters have when are spawned) and armbands made from a piece of rag can be colored.


Add white T-shirt/armband inside the barrel together with red or blue berry, or „Plant Material“. At that point when you right click on the barrel icon option “Color Clothes” will appear. Task will be completed after whole minute (unfortunately the name of T-shirt/armband will not change with the color) Now, moving on to the colors:

  • Red berries (Canina berry) dyes t-shirt red (Depending on the amount of berries, i.e. 1-10 units from light to dark)
  • Blue berries (Sambucus berry) dyes t-shirt blue (Again, depending on the amount of berries, i.e. 1-10 units from light to dark)
  • Plant Material dyes t-shirt green-yellow (Same as before depending on the amount of berries)

Besides these three options you can also combine ingredients. Mixing different kinds of dyes together will create a brand new color.

  • Red berries + Blue berries = Purple (depending on amount used for example: 1 blue + 1 red = brightest purple)
  • Plant Material (plant residues after growing) + red berries = Yellow-green (brightness depends on amount)
  • Red berries + Plant Material = Yellow (brightness depends on amount)
  • Blue berries + Plant Material = Light Blue (brightness depends on amount)
  • Combining all together will create very dark red.

Exact color palette is shown in the picture below:


You can see in the picture that with various ratios of berries and plant materials, you can create a complete range of colors, so it is up to you what shade you want to create to suit your needs.

On the other hand, the option to “bleach” clothing was also not forgotten. This is achieved by simply combining colored t-shirts / armbands and a disinfectant (this action consumes 10% of the resource). Like this:

  • T-shirt/armband (Colored) + Disinfectant Spray = Bleached T-shirt

Note: T-shirt /armband do not have to be white to be dyed. The color of the object itself does not affect the final outcome. The final color of the object is determined only by ingredients that you have placed into a barrel at the beginning of the process. It I possible to dye multiple items at once, with same results as stated above.


Of course the developers have not forgotten the favorite leather clothes. In this case however, bark and nails are used instead of berries and plant material. The birch bark and bark from other trees can be used for different results. Coloring process is same as in previous case. Just, put the piece of clothing with bark/nails into the barrel and option “Color Leather Clothes Beige / Brown / Black” will appear. Let’s get to colors:

  • Birch Bark + leather clothing (Any piece) = Beige color
  • Spruce/Oak Bark + leather clothing (Any piece) = Brown color
  • Nails + leather clothing (Any piece) = Black color

For now only these three colors are available, it is not possible to combine them. Amount of consumed bark and nails varies with every piece of clothing. For example, one piece of bark is needed to dye the hat, but to change the color of leather jacket, you must collect 6 pieces.


Before we can dye and sew leather clothes, raw materials need to be created. Hunted animals must be skinned and leather needs to be tanned, and yet again MPB will be used. Just insert the leather and garden lime, and new option „Tan pelts“ will appear. After 60 seconds several pieces of Tanned Leather  will be created.

How to create leather clothing can be found HERE.


Yes indeed, barrel can do this also. At this moment only two materials can be used to make fertilizer, namely “Pile of Guts” and residues from plants. (Plant Material). While this combination may seem disgusting, it is a high quality fertilizer which can be used for either growing vegetables or tanning animal skins.

Place the intestines and plant material into the barrel. After right clicking on the icon barrel crafting menu will appear, and then select “Craft Fertilizer”. The production of fertilizers in the barrel takes 60 seconds.

In this case 10% intestines and 10% plant material will be used from which subsequently from 1 to 10% familiar fertilizers (Garden lime) in the state “Badly Damaged” will be created. Produced fertilizers percentage is dependent on the state of plant material. If you are using 100% plant material for production, then you get 10% of fertilizer, using 90% plant materials create a 9% fertilizers etc. The state of the intestines does not matter. The barrel can simultaneously create multiple pieces of fertilizer at once, for example:

  • 3x 90% Intestines (Pile of Guts) + 3x 100% Plant material = 3x 10% Fertilizer (Garden Lime).


The best places where you should look for the barrel are various industrial zones, small factories and workshops. You also have a chance of finding one if you search shacks and small buildings near houses in civilian areas (or prefab).

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