It will be rare, that you will find food just laying around in the future. Survivors will have to find alternative ways how to obtain food.

One of the way is hunting animals whether domesticated or wild. It should not be a problem to find animals. They can be found near almost every town, village or pasture. You can come across cows, goats, sheeps, rabbits, hens, boars or deers.

But why should we hunt animals now? Preparation of meat is time-consuming and i would not recommend you to eat it raw. But developers had that on mind, so meat is not the only thing you can obtain from an animal. Animals can give you even some material sources.

Hunting | List of needed things
  • gun and suitable ammunition
  • knife
Step one | Weapon choosing

It is not very difficult to hunt an animal, when you have a gun. If you do not have a gun, you certainly have a problem. The thing is, when you approach an animal, it will get scared and it will run away.

Chosen gun depends on the kind of hunted animal too. I recommend to choose heavier guns, because we do not want to torment our animal with some low calliber weapon. On the other hand if you will hunt rabbits, low caliber rifle will be more than enough. But you can hunt animals without shooting too. You ask how? The answer is trap. Tutorial how to set traps can be found HERE (add link).

Step two | Finding an animals

It is not a problem to find an animal. There are on every second field, so you just need to be patient. A lot of animals can be found near villages. They are likely to be found together, but you can encounter even smaller herd of cows or goats.

Step three | Hunting

Carefully approach the animal to the point, where you are sure you will hit the target. You can adjust your aim as long as the animal does not notice you. Crouch, get the target in sight, pull the trigger and it is done!

Step four | Processing

The next step is processing and you need knife, machete or bayonet for it. You just need to take the sharp object in your hand, get near your catch and select an option “Skin and quarter the Animal”. But you should be careful. There is an option “Hide Body” too and if you select that option, you will hide the dead body under ground and you will not be able to loot the animal. After you succesfully complete the action, you will get Raw meat, Animal pelt, Piece of Lard, Bones and Pile of Guts. All of that should be automatically placed in your inventory. If you do not have enough space in your inventory, you probably find it on the ground somwhere near you.

Step five | Use of material

Raw meat is not suitable for consumation, so you need to cook it. (tutorial for cooking is HERE ) Then you can tan your pelt and make your own leather clothes. Bones are material for making an arrow heads. You may ask what to do with the guts? When you process the animal, you will find out, that the guts are marked red in your invetnory. That means, they are warm. As long as they are warm, you can use them as natural heatpack, which will be appreciated by your cold character.

It is different with chickens, because you can not obatin pelt from it, so you cannot make any leather. You can not get any bones as well, but you gan get two chicken breasts and 20 feathers, which are suitable for arrows (tutorial for arrow and bow crafting is HERE )

All materials you can obatin from animals are shown here:

  • Deer: 4 steaks, 1 animal pelt, 4 tanned leather, 1 pile of guts, 6 bones, 1 piece of lard
  • Goat: 4 steaks, 1 animal pelt, 2 tanned leather, 1 pile of guts, 1 piece of lard
  • Boar: 6 steaks, 1 animal pelt, 2 tanned leather, 1 pile of guts, 1 piece of lard
  • Cow: 4 steaks, 1 animal pelt, 3 tanned leather, 1 pile of guts, 10 bones, 1 piece of lard
  • Rabbit: 2 raw rabbit leg, 1 animal pelt, 1 tanned leather, 1 pile of guts, 1 piece of lard
  • Hen: 2 raw chicken breasts, 20 feathers
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