It will be rare, that you will find food just laying around in the future. Survivors will have to find alternative ways how to obtain food. One of the way is gardening, more precisely horticulture.

Horticulture in greenhouse | List of needed things
  • hoe, shovel or pickaxe
  • garden lime
  • tomato, pepper, zucchini or pumpkin seeds
  • greenhouse
Step two | Greenhouse

You can find greenhouses almost in every city, town or village of Chernarus. Do not bee fooled by their appearance. They may look dilapidated, but they are still working. Capacity of one greenhouse is up to eleven plants.

Step two | Soil digging

Grab your hoe or shovel and when you look at the greenhouse soil, there weill appear an option “dig hole”. Capacity of greenhouse is 8 – 11 plants, so dig enough holes.

Step three | Fertilizing

If you want your seeds to grow, you should fertilize the ground around the plants. To do this, you just need to find a gardel lime package and by using it we can fertilize our freshly digged holes. Full package of garden lime is enought to fertilize 20 holes. However garden lime is not necessary. Plants will grow even without it, but it makes the growing faster.

Step four | Planting the seeds

Take any package of seeds in your hands, look at the place where you want to plant the seed. There will be an option “plant the seed”

Step five | Watering

In DayZ you have to water your seeds too, because no plant will grow wihtout water. You just need regular PET bottle or water canteen filled with water. We water every seed separately.

Step six | Waiting

As soon as you plant the seeds, you just have to wait till they grow. The plant will go through four phases of growing. The speed of transition from one phasse to another depends on whether you fertilized the ground. If you did, every phase takes around 2 and a half minutes. If you did not ferilize the ground, it takes 4 minutes. That means, that you can harvest your plants after 10-20 minutes depending whether you fertilized or not. You should grow and harvest 13 tomatoes, 5 peppers, 2 pumpkins or 2 zucchinis this way. After harvesting htey will be placed in your inventory. If you do not have enough space in your inventory, they will be probably laying somwhere around you.

We had an option to grow plants only in greenhouses until now. Gardening was now allowed througout all Chernarus.

Free horticulture | List of needed things
  • hoe, shovel or pickaxe
  • garden lime
  • tomato, pepper, zucchini or pumpkin seeds
Step one | Place choosing

In order to grow plant outdoors, you have to find appropriate place. Chosen ground has to be flat enough. You can not grow plants on steep land.

Step two | Soil digging

Grab your hoe, shovel or pickaxe and look at the ground. There will appear an option “create a garden plot”. If you choose you place carefully, there will appear you own plot in 3×3 dimension. That means you can plant up to 9 seeds in your own plot.

Then you have to do the same things as in steps three to six stated above. You should fertilize the ground, and you have to water your seeds. After some time they will grow into adult plants with fruits, which will solve your hunger, but remember that growing the plants outside is not as effective as growing the plants in the greenhouse. Some of the plants can dry up or rot eventually.