Apple and berries picking, is activity which is not much appreciated yet. In Chernarus, there are many different ways of acquiring food. Finding it in the cities (cans, other nutriments…) is probably the most common among players. There are however other alternatives of gathering nourishment. Since the beginning of time people used to sustain themselves mostly by hunting and gathering. Agriculture came in thousands of years later. Hunters were strong and fearless, while gathering could have been done by anyone. And it is similar in Dayz. If you appear at the coast with rumbling stomach, eating will be first thing to do. You will hardly go deer hunting. Over time, as finding any canned food will be rarer, you will be left with only option in order to quickly sate your hunger – harvest! There are 3 fruits to be collected. Apples and two type of berries.


Apples are collected from apple trees. These trees are easily recognizable and can be found basically everywhere – especially in rural orchards. The quality of healthy apple is “Pristine” (best). It is possible however to pick a rotten one (Rotten Apple). It can be recognized by different appearance. We strongly suggest you not to eat these rotten apples due to risk of food poisoning!


Berries can be collected from bushes, which are scattered across the whole Chernarus area. In this case however it is better to look around the forest edges or meadows. Gathered berries also have the best „Pristine“ quality. Now comes the tricky part. There are two types of berries.

  • (Canina) Red – colored berries
  • (Sambucus) Blue –  colored berries

Canina berries are red; they grow on small orange-brown bushes. These are not poisonous and can be consumed, without any worries.

Sambucus berries are blue, they grow on green bushes. Unlike the red ones you need to be careful here. These berries, similar to blueberries could be fatal to your character, as there is certain probability of getting poisoned. Without early treatment, your character might even die after consuming these!


Basis for a successful gathering is to find a suitable tree or bush. Remember, especially for bushes, their different coloring and color of berries that can be found. When close to apple tree look at it and “Search for Apples” option will appear, “Search for Berries” option appears for bushes (If the option does not appear, move closer to its proximity and press „F“).


Your character will search through the tree or a bush for a while. Searching for apples or berries is not always successful, and it is possible that even after the action finished you won’t find anything. Do not be discouraged and search again, success in the form of fresh apples / berries is surely not long in coming. Any gathered fruit will be then placed in your inventory, ready to be consumed.

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