Please, keep on mind this isn´t a tutorial “How to play RP”! This is only some recommendation which can be useful for players which dont have any experiences with RP.

All of us have already met some form of RP – and it don´t have to be in videogame. When we were little, we were playing on soldiers. This is too some kind of RP, or in physical education in school, we were wearing dresses and were playing as fotball team, or as specific player.

Role-play (playing specific role) go with as our whole life, from beginning to end. Everybody have some model by which is he growing. Or was growing.

But how does it work in games? Answer is: completely easy. In fact, it is almost same as in real life. But even Roleplay have its own rules, so let´s take a look at them!

Small vocabulary of terms

RP, Role play = Playing as specific character or event.
OOC, Out of Character = indivisible part of RP, it is communication in real life, so out of fictional world. This opportunity is very restricted in Dayz, because only option how to communicate is Voice chat or text chat. We don´t have any chance how to send private messages as it´s in another games. (Neverwinter Nights, World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, etc.)

AFK, Away from keyboard = normal situation which can happen everytime to anybody. Player have to go away from computer, because of some events. (burning food, child wake up, etc.) even in this situation you have to have in mind single basic rule! Never ever tell it in game. Never.

There could be players communications around you, which are enjoying RP and out of nowhere they will heard “I have to go AFK!” It can really get you mad.

Best way to handle this situation is disconnect. But if you know you will be back in no time, there are some ways how to handle it. Simple sentence ” oh, I´m tired. I have to sit for a moment.” will give players signal that something is happening and they will gladly wait on you.

IG, In-game = it is events happening right now in game. In fact it´s similar to term roleplay, so everything what is happening right now. (somebody is shooting, you are eating apple, etc.)

PVP, Player vs. Player = classical widespread term. It is situation when player meet another one and it lead to conflict between them. In most games this lead to bloodshed on one or both sides. Actually dead isn´t only how it can end, there is chance it will. But keep in mind than on RP server there should be any PvP!

CvC, Character vs. Character = Term which get to forefront if we talk about RP. It is conflict between two or more characters (Not between players!!) and it keep up with PvP. It can again end up in bloodshed but clearly in game. It is important to remember that CvC isn´t conflict between players, as it is in PvP, this is only conflict of characters. (for example: Bandit and Policeman, Soldier and Terrorist

PvE, Player vs.Enviroment = normal situation, which will occur almost in every game. In DayZ we can speak about hunger, thirst, zombies etc. In fact it´s everything what can be in any way a barrier for you, (not caused by player!) especially by AI (zombies) or preset game features ( hunger, thirst, cold, etc.)

What to evade, or what and how it works.

It´s good to keep on mind that dayz is game. In that case we can sense thing around your character which game can´t.

  • 1) Walls – are probably the biggest stumbling block, because of the possibility of using third person perspective. You are standing against the wall, on the other hand, there is someone else. Your character can not guess while, players know about it. Try to limit such fact. Try to react as if you’re on the figure had no idea. And it does not matter if he was wearing a police unifor or a mask with a skull.
  • 2) Character – shouldn´t reflect your current mental state. Therefore, if you are sad or angry, remember that character on it can be otherwise. Likewise, remember that if you have a fight with someone on facebook, there is no reason to run it right into the game and kill his character. This character can not help it, they can even be your character’s friends. Therefore, do not carry your current mood to play, you might regret it.
  • 3) Names – Names – are an integral part of the character. It should be noted that they represent both character and you. If you create a character named Gandalf or Neo, you will look funny and above all it does not match the RP game. On the other hand, if your character will be named Francis Skočdopole, it is possible that he was nicknamed Gandalf. It should be borne in mind that playing RP carries a certain degree of “fantasizing”. Why give character name “Bad Guy,” when he can appoint Mr. Smith with the nickname Butch?
  • 4) Story – It is important to realize that the story is the most important part of the character. How does the character looks? Why he/she wear such clothes? Why he/she did that work? All these points are preparing a figure on what it will be after entering the server. If your character was loafer, it´s not possible that after arriving at the server he will pick up military equipment, an automatic weapon and shot to pieces the first policeman he meets! You can be a player no matter how good or CS or CoD, but your character in this case is not a gunslinger.

Important fact is that story can amuse you too. You can create a soldier which works for special forces, why not? But it depends on how long you will be happy with that. For about two weeks you have best gear, lots of ammo and supplies and you killed dozen of people. But what will be next?

So remember. If you want to amuse yourself, create your own character, character which you know best and you know how it react in every situation.