Right term of KOS

KOS (Kill on Sight) is mainly in Dayz community one of the most insidious element of survival. Of course, in a post-apocalyptic world it is not too surprising, it is a classic survival instinct. However, many players have interpreted the phrase this differently than they should. Let’s take a look at it!


KOS (Kill on Sight – killing on sight) is in fact the first defense mechanism of player who is not quite familiar with the Dayz world. Or conversely, he is familiar with it too well. This method is used by a large number of players, on public servers isn´t used another combat strategy. But on servers with the rules, this tactic can sometimes be tricky.

How to identify KOS? It´s easy, here are some examples

  1.  I´m running through Chernogorsk. All of a sudden I hear a gunshot, and I can see my loved sentence ” You are dead!” – yeah, this is KoS
  2. I´m againg running through Chernogorsk, but first I hear someone shouting “Stop or I’ll shoot!”and in same moment he shoot. – Even this is KoS, because I haven´t enought time to react. Such conduct is at the discretion of admins.
  3. In Chernogorsk again, I can hear “Stop or I’ll shoot!”. I´ve stopped and started looking around for who shouted it. I couldn´t see anyone so I pulled a gun. Then I saw a survivor in doors, but I had a gun so he shot me. – In this case it´s not KoS. Other player didn´t shot me instantly and gave me enought time to react at his command, but I compromised him when i pulled a gun so it was easy for him – shoot or you will die


Imagine that you are in the skin of your character. Why do you run through the city center, which is occupied by infected? It is necessary to keep out of sight and that goes for the players too. Indeed, if you encounter someone who intends to kill you, he’ll do it. It is therefore better to keep away from the path, and if it is not strictly necessary, avoiding cities. Another possibility is to obtain friends. If you move in a larger group, it is possible that the attacker intimidate and thereby increase your chances of survival. Of course it doesn´t give you a reason to go through center of street as parade.

If you are really forced to go to the city, whether for inventory or out of curiosity, remember the alley. Use the walls, fences and buildings that could save your life. There are always several ways how to get to the place you want, while only a few of them in plain sight.

Another thing you need to remember is, that on the RP server, you can go to places that are occupied by other survivors (they can be just as bandits as the good guys). In such a case, the bullet fired in your direction does not necessarily mean an attempt to KOS (unless, of course, does not kill you, but, for example, goes next to your foot). This is only a defense mechanism that says, “Here it is unsafe for you.”

But if you run into the building with raised weapon and start shouting something like: “All hands up, or I’ll kill you!”, You can also get a very hard lesson in the form of death. Yes, in this case it is not KOS, since you’re the aggressor and opposition figure merely responded as it should. So much so that he tried to save his life.

It is not possible to rely on assertions “But I didn´t wanted to kill him, I only wanted to frighten and rob him.”, Since it is the aggressive behavior of which they are certain consequences. For example, your death.


Can you such a well-executed KOS get angry? Of course yes. Who would get angry? However, it is important to realize that not everyone is bad. If you move to a hill, and below you will see a player who drinks from a well, what do you do?

Surely everyone has thought to themselves, “Hmm, is would be useful for me, I’ll kill him.” Or something similar. Yes, it’s a option, but not on RP server.

Although one can be frustrated by the fact that he died three times in a row because someone who just blasted him on sight, but other can feel same. Why, then, rather as concerned not to come, politely ask him to postpone the weapons and offer him a deal? And of course it may be a little tougher trade style, “Give me a vest or die.” It is now up to you. However, remember that the real fun comes at a time when both parties are enjoying a game.

There are many many ways to achieve a certain goal. Killing in this case represents a tiny percentage of all the options.

So remember: Have fun way to make your game enjoyed by others.

BTW. Thanks my friend KRUTAX for those screens, my graphic is terrible…