To obtain food by hunting is one of the basic thoughts of DayZ. If you are not willing to chase your prey through the woods, unnecessarily reveal yourself with shooting firearms or you don’t like retreating from your camp, we have a solution for you. Hunt smart, place traps and the prey will come to you!

Rabbit Snare | List of things needed
  • Metal Wire
  • Wooden Stick
Step 1 | Creation of the trap

The making of a rabbit snare is simple. For it’s construction we’ll need only two items. We’re talking about a metal wire, which can be found everywhere in the inhabitated zone (however, the biggest chance of finding it is in rafinery zones or scrapyards) and wooden sticks. You should be able to pick those up by multiple methods (cutting a bush, finding in woods, cutting a stock…). Combinig these two things will let the ,,Craft Snare Trap from Metal Wire and Wooden Stick” appear in the crafting menu..

Step 2 | Setting up the trap

When the making of the trap is finally done, we can go hunting! Find a good place, grab the trap by your hand and look to the ground. The ,,Deploy Snare Trap” choice will appear. Set up the trap and remember the shape of the wire! When the trap is once placed, all you have to do is to retreat and wait.

Step 3 | Ceck

After some time, we should come back to the place, where we have left the trap, to check, if there is something caught in the trap. The hunt via. Rabbit snare is not always successful. The fact, that you weren’t lucky this time can be recognized by analyzing the shape of the wire, which is now wrapped around the stick. At this moment, it is necessary to place the trap again. By using the ,,Take Snare Trap”, you will pick it up from the ground and by using the guide above it can be set up again. Be aware of it’s quality, the trap will break after several unsuccessful attempts.

Step 4 | Catch

In case of a successful hunt, there is nothing to explain. Your catch- rabbit – will be laying on the ground, just under the trap. We can get two raw ,,Rabit Leg”s, which can be cooked on fire and used to feed your hungry character.

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