The problem with dependence on light sources made by humans is gone! Now you have the unique opportunity to create almost infinite light source by using the nature resources. We are talking about improvised torch. But we have to say, that in current state of game (0.57) this stick with burning end has some problems, because it is in its early development.

Improvised torch | List of needed things
  • Wooden stick
  • Rags or Lard
  • Resin
  • Matches, Hand drill kit

Now a little bit of practical informations. The crafting is very easy, needs a very little material and it is availible even for a fresh spawns on the coast. You can create the torch itself by combining sticks and rags, eventually lard, by the option “Craft torch”. Now you just need a resin, to logner the lifespan of your torch. You can get it by walking to a tree with your torch in your hands and click the option “Add resin”. Now you just need to light your torch by selecting the option “Light torch”

As I stated before, the torch is in its early development. Do not expect amazing efects, but using a torch is probably more comfortable, then look for a new bateries or propane canyster for your lamp every moment.

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