Certainly happened to you, that you could not find any gun after a long searching. You found it maybe, but you hadn’t any ammo for it. Or you’re just a fan of stealth moving or tradicional guns. In that case, the bow is exactly what you need. It’s quiet, it can kill by just one shot and make it isn’t hard.

BOW | List of important things
  • Axe
  • Ashwood Stick
  • Rope / Pile of Guts

We need an ashwood stick, which you can get by chop down the Ashwood tree. These trees are specific. They can be small and ramifying a bit above the ground or they are big with a long bald stem and bushy treetop. Combine the stick with rope or with pile of guts and make the bow (“Improvised Ashwood Short Bow”). All we need now is some munition – arrows.

ARROWS | List of important things
  • Axe
  • Wooden Stick
  • Knife
  • Chicken feather
STEP 1 | Getting sticks

At first, you will need some wooden stick. You take some axe, machete or another sharp weapon and chop down some bush or split some log (Firewood). Also you can find some stick on the ground in forrest (look on the ground and there will be choice “search for kindling”).

STEP 2 | Treatment and completion

Modify stick to “sharpened stick” by knife. Then just combine Sharpened Stick with Chicken Leather. You can find them in henhouse or from hens, which you have to kill first.

BONE ARROW | List of important things
  • Improvised Arrow
  • Bones
STEP 1 | Crafting

Now you can upgrade your arrows. You need to kill some animal and take its bones. Then you just combine it with your arrow. You get Bone Arrow. You need only one bone for one arrow.

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