As you wanted to survive in inhospitable Chernarus, it might happened, that some part of your clothing was irrecoverably destroyed. You just need to get one good aimed shot in wild shootout or unconsidered fight with infected. Or you might rely on natural sources when choosing your clothing. Developers offer us an alternative for all of these cases, to craft our own leather clothing.

Leather clothing | list of needed items
  • Knife
  • Garden lime
  • Pelt
  • Leather sewing kit
Step one | Hunt

If you want to make leather clothes, you logically need a pelt. Go hunting then and obtain one. It can be pelt from a deer, a cow, a boar, a goat or a rabbit obtained by knife.

Step two | Tanning

As soon as your pelt is prepared, you have to tan it. To tan pelts you need multipurpose barrel. Put the pelt inside with Garden Lime also, and by using command “Tan Pelt”, you will (after one minute) recieve Tanned leather. You can for example tan 8 pieces of leather from a deer, 6 pieces from a cow, 4 pieces from a boar or goat and only 2 peices from rabbit.

Step three | Crafting

Now when your leather is tanned, you can craft your clothing. You can craft pants (2 slots), a jacket (4 slots), a vest (10 slots), a bag (24 slots), moccasins and a hat. You may ask how. Just combine leather sewing kit with your tanned leather and choose what you want to craft from the crafting menu.

Step four | Dyeing

Only by producing leather clothing the whole procces does not ends. If the base faded colour of clothes does not suits you, any piece can be colored. You can choose from three options, namely: beige, brown, black. To dyeing is needed an multipurpose barrel. To achieve the beige color, add to barrel leather clothes with birch bark, to achieve the brown color add to barrel leather clothes with bark of other trees and finally, to achieve black colour, add to barrel leather clothes with nails.

Water pouch | Crafting

You can craft water pouch as well, which will make looting the towns easier and thanks to it, you can almost rely on natural sources only. Crafting is similar as it was at clothing. You can craft one water pouch from one leather. Capacity of the water pouch is 500 ml, which is half the capacity of the PET bottle.

Options of cratting and leather consumption
  • Natural leather hat – 1 tanned leather
  • Natural leather jacket – 5 tanned leathers
  • Natural leather storage vest – 4 tanned leathers
  • Natural leather pants – 3 tanned leathers
  • Natural leather moccasins – 2 tanned leathers
  • Natural leather sack – 5 tanned leathers
  • Natural water pouch – 1 tanned leather

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