Chernarus’s Rify bay is located approximately halfway between major northern ports Svetlojarsk and Berezino. Now it is a grave for many sailors for there is a helpless, broken wreck of a huge cargo ship laying over the rugged coastline and cliffs.

Berezino & Svetlojarsk

For long time these ports were important transport hubs. They fulfil their importance as a commercial centre ever since middle ages. Thanks to their extensive docks and warehouses which are able to hold enormous amount of cargo were here, among others, developed rail transport and, in response, also a fishing industry. Both of these ports were capable of clearing out for 20 ships and about 580 tons of cargo per day. Most of the ships belonged to Russian federation.



The torso of wrecked ships near Rify was as expected made at Novigrad’s steelworks where the ship was also mounted. The tanker belonged to a company ПОШОЛ (“Pošol”), it sailed beneath the Russian flag and on its prow it carried with pride a name VLADIMIR. The company “Pošol” was an exclusive importer of oil to this region and according to unconfirmed information “Pošol” cooperated with Russsian government in long term meaning. According to dock records the Vladimir visited the docks in Berezino a total of six times from June 2012 to September 2014 while the sixth journey became the last. 22nd of September the Vladimir set sail on its last journey.


Causes of doom

Above the cause of wreckage have been a lot of speculations. Problems began on the day of departure. The time of departure was postponed by 8 hours because of unexpected trouble with a cargo and its transport. At the same time the storm was closing in causing difficult navigation conditions. Besides slowly surging waves came a thick fog. To stop any further delay the Vladimir received permission to set sail.

Although there were not ideal conditions, the skilled crew of Vladimir shouldn’t have had any problems with navigation. According to official report the ship deflected from its course. Commander Bridge moreover stopped answering to radio chat few minutes before catastrophe. The last information from the ship was “unexpected” issues in lower deck.


Mysterious circumstances

The whole location was under the quarantine, because of leaked chemicals, and under the control of army and any further information were banned from public. However this catastrophe vanished in the maelstrom of upcoming events and was never solved.