Castles are historical remains of former line of defences. Unfortunately time take its price for centuries of their pride and now we can talk only about ruins. Even through, they become vistas, which are pleasant to visit. Maybe you think that every one of these castles are unique, but if you look closely, you can see that opposite is a true. They are unbelievable similar. From many constructions and design elements. But these parables are logical. If you take in mind that all these castles were build almost in same time by single nation. But what is different is their structure and size. Castles of this province can will be appreciated mostly by turists and travellers. They can offer magnificent wiev of landscape and in case of emergency, they can be used as good shelter.


This castle have heart-breaking wiev from top of a tower. Mostly thanks to its placement at one of the highest hills of Chernarus. There are left only three of four walls of castle defence located around main tower same as castle gate. This castle can be found near city of Krasnostav.



Devil´s castle can be found north-east from Grishino. It´s one of the biggest and most popular castles in Chernarus. Big part of walls is still standing. Castle consists three big towers, but only one is accessible. Whole castle is surrounded by stone wall. You surely have to visit this castle! Wiev into faraway scenery and woods on nearby hills will amaze you and I believe, that you will want to return here.


Castle was build on 11. century while rule of Ivan Kozlov and had to serve as his main place for reinforcement his power in this new found region. Two centuries later, when Kozlov´s dynasty died by sword, castle gain new lord and name. At the time, know bandit Jacob Devil from lower noble family used this castle as base when he was pillaged local region. But his still more frequent pillaging allured attention of noblemans armies into his walls. Jacob got crazy and burned whole fort rather then giving it into hands of his enemies. There are telling a tale that in calm night you can see ghost of duke Kozlov walking through ruins of his castle, burned by bandit Devil.



Smallest of all five castle. Well rather than castle, I would say small fort or keep. It can be found eastern from Old Fields. You can find there two accessible towers and one small building.



Small ruins of castle are located at top of mountain northwest form coast city Kamyshovo. Near is even small radio-emitter. It is contained by three main building, tower with three floors, small stone building and gate.



Zub is located few hundred meters at north from Vyshnoye. At the surroundings of castle are only few small, infrequent seedlings. Thanks to it, castle can be seen from quite a big distance. Same rules are applied at wiev from top of tower. This castle have two opened building, three-floored tower and gate with clerestory.



This castle ruins are at top of highest hill of Skalisty Island. It is favorite tourist attraction with kiosks, picnic tables information boards etc. To this time, there preserved only parts of castle walls, tower had to be pulled down in middle of 30´s of 20 century. Main reason for this was bad statics of tower. Although in modern age, this castle is mainly know for tourism, at the age of its biggest glory, it was know as strategic harbor for war fleet. One shipwreck can be found at north part of island.



Castle near Svergino is one of the smallest castles in Chernarus. Besides it´s small size it´s even very simply builded. Its ruins looms at hill near city Svergino. Reason of building this fort was mainly because unstable power in these lands around 14. century. In this time there were many bandinds and cutthroats. Their favorire target was trading pathway from Severograd to Svetloyarks. As a reaction for these ambushes was build this castle for securing this pathway at top of Sverginos hill.