Alcatraz is rock-ribbed island, lying about half kilometer from south coast of Chernarus. It´s position is near villages Kamenka and Komarovo.


First mention about populating island are already in 5. century B.C. We talk about arrival of nomads from Iran – Scyths. These people founded this island in time of colonization of Chernarus and gave it today´s name by flocks of sea birds – Alcatraz Island

On turn of 11. and 12. century Alcatraz became part of wide network of defences which served for guarding consistent ways and lands. There were builded beacon on one of rocky hills at island to signalize land for merchant ships which to that time wrecked at dangerous cliffs around.



In 20. century, while war conflicts and season of civil wars, Alcatraz was fully used for military purpose. First step was reconstruction and modernatization of fortifications, building barracks and ammo storages. Part of fort was a artillery system created by anti-ship cannons and howitzer type ML-20. Command transported on island 10 000 rifles SKS and sniper rifles Mosin Nagant, because they feared rebel units and guerilla ambushes. Thanks to that most of military resources were concetrated on one strictly guarded place, Alcatrez became symbol of power of Chernarus army.



From origins of first conflicts were on island transported prisoners of war and spies for interrogatory. But after end of riots and increasing numbers of prisoners was Alcatraz perfect place for building large prison complex. In year 1991 were weapons transported away and Alcatraz officialy became military prison.


Alcatraz became home not only for prisoners of war, but even for worst, most feared and brutal rapists, cutthroats and other outcasts of society. Prisoners had right only for most basics needs: food, clothes, bed and medical needs. All other thinks as visits, acces to library and music and art was only as reward for hard work and good behavior.