Turned on persistence means, that server restart does not affect items, like general loot, weapons, equipment, clothing etc. Items will remain on their position even after the restart. Since update .53 this affects also vehicles. Other things like doors, specifically their status – opened, closed or locked will also remain unchanged. Things that would reset after server restart: weather, AI like zombies or animals, trees and bushes (if cut down). Fireplace will go out and cool off immediately however any items inside will remain.


Item Lifecycle is also part of the persistence. It will remove items, touched by a player, after approximately 3 hours,regardless of server restarts. Exceptions to this are pitched tents, backpacks, weapons and magazines, vehicles, first aid kits, yellow protector cases and teddy bears. It does not matter, if they contain items or not. Also fireplace kit, fireplace, even stone oven. In this case, it is required for player not to move them – they can’t change location. They can still be used. These persistent items also protect items stored inside. I.e. content of backpack, tent, first aid kit, boxes, and teddies. Ammunition in firearms, magazines, sights and optics, butt stocks, etc. are also retained for weapons. All clothing, including vests will be removed and do not protect any stored content. Removed items, open up space for fresh loot, which is periodically spawned across the map. Servers use to get filled with persistent items eventually, therefore we are performing persistence reset regularly every Wednesday on our servers. (Only items equipped on the players will remain intact). In case of server Pandemic RP the reset is performed every other day around midnight. Server removes leftover items, which there are excess of and restocks items which had been taken away by players or have been destroyed. If however players bring items to server, while there is abundance of them and they are protected from removal (equipped on the character, in backpacks, tents etc.), then the new items are not spawned. Currently, the item count is calculated across the whole map, not individual areas.


Another part is central economy, which is not in use currently. This means that in the future some rare items might not appear on each server but player might have to jump across servers in order to find them. It is not clear yet if this concept will be resumed.


Sometimes the loot distribution is not working as intended, thus some places have plenty of respawned loot, while other areas are empty. Helicrashes spawn on the same exact spots resp. are persistent, on servers with turned on persistence. (In this case it is not clear if it’s intended because the Helicrash sites are meant to change after each server restart. Previously the Helicrash sites didn’t spawn at all.)


Some servers have persistence turned off. Everything is reset after the server restart, except players equipped items. Items are only spawned at server start, and are not replenished until next restart. Turning off persistence should no longer be possible after 54.



  • Hive is another word for database, which contains information about equipped player items. Public servers have one for each 1st person view server and one for 3rd person. Private server, like ours, have own database regardless of POV (point of view). More servers might have shared database (but don’t have to) and it is possible to jump between them with same character. Our servers all share same database except Pandemic RP, which has separate one. This means, that on each of our servers except Pandemic RP you play the same character. Our servers can be found here. Besides these servers, there are also public experimental servers, which have databases separated from stable ones. There are also 2 characters available, one for all first person view servers and one for 3rd person. If you switch to experimental, your characters will remain on stable. You are able to switch to experimental via Steam – Library – Games – right mouse click on Dayz – Properties – Betas folder – and choose experimental unstable testing version trough scroll down menu. Beta access code should be empty. The game will now be updated via Steam to experimental version – if available. In game, it is necessary to search for experimental servers. Reverting back to stable version is done the same way.


  • All players who were not added to blacklist (blacklisted) are able to connect to servers with blacklist. On servers with Whitelist, only players who are on the whitelist are able to connect. From our servers only Donor and Pandemic RP have the whitelist.
  • Here is where and how to sign in: Donor


  • Helicopter crash site. Unique items and weapons are spawned in the proximity. Spawn however is not working properly on servers with persistence, see. Persistence.


  • Desynchronization. Different players receive different information. The result is that one player sees the other player in different spot, resp. in other position or action. It happens that, player might see other player dropping dead to the ground, but he still manages to shoot him.


  • Jumping from server to server. Most of the time it’s done in order to gain an advantage. Searching for items in the same area (same base). see. Character Transfer.


  • Jumping to other server to gain immediate tactical advantage in combat. Player logs off from the server and connects to another one. He might escape from a trap this way. Other possibility is that he then connects back to original server, and surprises other player from his back, even though normally he would not be able to do so. Combat log is highly unwanted play style and will lead to player penalization by administration on our servers in the future.

07# WIPE

  • Erase of the character and/or servers. Performed only occasionally after some major updates. Not to be interchanged with persistence reset (where characters remain and persistent items are removed).

08# LOOT

  • Spoils resp. things, which you find/steal or otherwise acquire in game. You start with almost no equipment. You are able to find many different things; which if collected are – items in character inventory.


  • Items equipped by/carried on the character. Remain on the character even after logout. Vehicles do not belong to character inventory. See also Character Transfer and Wipe.

10# KOS

  • Kill on Sight. Killing a player as soon as spotted without warning. Perceived negatively by some players but it is part of the game.


  • Created from noun „camp“. Waiting on unsuspecting victim. Does not have to be snipers only. It is possible to wait like this inside the buildings. Also perceived negatively by some players but it is part of the game.


  • Freshly spawned player, without any loot/equipment.


  • Player, who is broadcasting live footage of gameplay. Creating possibility to streamhunt, i.e. misuse of this live broadcast in order to hunt and eliminate the streamer.


  • Player, who records and uploads video footage from the game to Youtube.